Real-Estate Inspections

Know the condition of your system

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Things you will learn

  • Know the system is working properly
  • The last time the tank was pumped
  • That the system can handle the number of people moving into the home
  • How to maintain and care for your system
  • Potential issues that may arrise when buying or selling a home

Septic Tank inspections are typically not included in a standard home inspection. When we moved to the hill country area we did not have ours inspected - not two months after we moved in we disovered it was broken.

The previous owner didn't know because it was occupied by a single person and when we moved in with four people it overwhelmed the old system. We then had to replace our system.

Real-Estate Septic Inspections the Right Way

  • Inspect an empty tank check for roots or erosion
  • Ensure the mechanical and non-mechanical elements are working
  • Ensure the drainfield or discharge line is in good working order
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